Thursday, 5 March 2009


As a child i had many attempts at keeping a "diary", sadly most entries started "dear diary, sorry i haven´t written in so long!". This being said, it appears this blog entry should start...
Dear Blog, I am sorry i haven´t written in so long!

Since leaving you last we have crossed into Chile (at 5,200 ft), to San Pedro de Atacama (thankfully at around 3,00 ft) where buildng regs require all structures to be 1 story and made out of Adobe, very beautiful and equally dusty. The town itself sits in a small oasis in the middle of the Atacama desert.

The main street is a hive of activity selling various tours in the area...finding it difficult to narrow it down we spent the next 7 days...

floating in logoons, which are 7x saltier than the sea , walking in the "valley of the moon" (running down the dunes), cycling through valley´s, visiting hot springs, horse back riding (down the same dunes we ran down) and visiting the gysers (a very cold morning at -10 celcius).

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