Friday, 6 March 2009


Ever heard of the 'selfish gene' theory? The idea that our genes will do anything to get themselves replicated, no matter the consequences? Well, I can tell you know that blisters are not just lesions, but actually parastitic entities with their own selfish DNA. On this trip we have discovered that blisters will spawn whenever they can, no matter what the cost to their hosts (i.e. us), and no matter how much care we take to prevent them from replicating. Only yesterday, we tried several sizes of moutain boots before climbing Volcan Villarica to make sure there was not a chance in hell we´d get them. And did we? Of course we did. Everything was conspiring to ensure we did. We got to the base, and the ski lift which is meant to take us up the first ascent was not working. Why? To ensure we got blisters. We started walking and we realised that our boots, despite careful selection, were too small. So what happened? We got blisters. Lu´s are particularly bad, and she has got one on each foot (pic below). We suspect they might be mating at night...

Ed enjoying his slide down
Slide number 1

a well earned glass of wine and "baby beef"

view of the volcano from town
view of the area from the base of the volcano

approaching slide number 1
Ed at the top of the volcano trying to avoid the toxic gas behind him
the joy of rented boots!
Lu enjoying her slide down - such style

The Villarica Volcano
The fetching outfit

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