Monday, 23 March 2009

"Fin del Mundo"

Yep. Here we are at the 'End of the World', in the town of the Ushuaia, which is the 'uttermost town in the world' and I am sorry to report that there is distinct lack of fire and brimstone and that the four horsemen of the Apocalypse have failed to show up. Quite the opposite, the 'End of the World' is actually a very tranquil place, whose silence is only broken by a few beavers (introduced only a few decades ago, and so, be definition 'exotic'. Exotic beaver, down here. Who wold have thought?) and the odd scarlet woodpecker.
For you faithful followers of our blog, we are also sorry to report that we have reached the official 'End of the Road' (you can't drive further south, anywhere in the world.) But never fear! Unlike everything else down here, this is not 'The End of' our blog, as we are about to turn around and head north again. As such, you will not be deprived of future installments. So, thanks for listening and tune in again next week for the next episode.

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