Saturday, 31 January 2009


We are not sure how the Incas managed to worship the sun when the sun never seems to shine in Macchu Pichu, well at least not in Jan/Feb (the rainy season).
Our guide had given us a wake-up call at 430 am in order, he assured us, to beat the crowds... only to find out that the crowds had got up even earlier and beaten us!
On arrival at the mighty Inca city, the famous Waynapichu mountain that normally looms over the site was completely obscured by cloud and rain and the views were, to say the least, crap....which didn't turn out to be such a bad thing after all, as a few minutes later the clouds cleared slightly, leaving the mountains surrounding the city mystically shrouded in mist. It was an awesome, magical sight.
After a rather rapid tour of the city by our guide, macho Manuel (who we later worked out had kept it brief on account of his hangover) we decided to have an early second breakfast (of hamburgers!) to gain the energy we needed to climb Waynapichu. The mountain was actually much harder to climb than we had thought... but when we finally got the the top, the time, effort and sweat was finally worth it with breathtaking views of the city and the valley it lay in.
And you know what? The sun did manage to burn us to a crisp. Maybe those pesky Incas had a point...

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  1. Hi guys! Finally joined your blog. Love love love your commentary - keep it up! Ed - love how you are still banging on about ceviche...Lu - I hope your knee is better now!

    Can't wait until you are back in London...only 9 weeks to go! xx