Friday, 23 January 2009


I fear I (Lu) must first apologise to anyone I have strong armed into sitting on the open top bus tour around London…however, I can safely say that it is 100,000 times better than it´s equal around Miraflores and Barranco districts of Lima, Peru!!
In hindsight, it was also a bit of a cop out on our first day of traveling to opt for the easiest form of tourism - lesson learned - but in our defence we did have an hour to kill before meeting up with a local Peruvian friend of Ned´s.
If one was to put a colorful spin on the tour I would tell you that we saw architecture to rival the Taj Mahal, streetscapes that put Paris to shame and gardens that would make any botanical garden green with envy (if they can get any greener, that is)
In reality the best I can do is direct you to the pictures below... the majority of the hour was spent minding the street wires to avoid decapitation!
Highlight: the “underpass”

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