Friday, 23 January 2009


It is safe to say we were all pleased to see the back of Lima (bar the ceviche, of course) and its intolerable pollution. Or so we thought…
Soon after arriving in marvellous Cusco, the bellybutton of the world (more about which in another posting), we thought we would hit the river for a day of rafting to experience nature at its purest and most untainted.
(At this point, we must thank Ned, who paid for our excursion with his pocket change from his 2 years in London.)
On paper, the rafting was all that could be wished for: class 4.5 rapids (for those rafters out there) on a “holy” river – the Vilcanota – so named because which feeds the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Vanessa managed to fall in during one of the most turbulent sections (which we took to be a Inca baptism of sorts), and Ed and Lu managed to swallow a gulpful - or two – of the murky brown water.
However, from the rumbling in our tummies, not all augurs well; we are expecting a case of the “holy” squits any moment now…